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Join Frida in her next online training to get strategies and action items that you can implement in your life immediately!

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Are you interested in coming to Raglan, New Zealand, or are you already here? Sign up and I will email you for our next Meet up, Mastermind, or workshop. 

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Join us in the Facebook Group 'The Possibility Explorers' A space to meet like minded and to explore your possibilities. Welcome!

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""To be coached by Frida changed my life. I got the insight and courage I needed to change my life. I made changes that I really knew I needed to make but had not listened to. I’ve gotten to know myself in a deeper way and I’ve learned how to see all aspects of myself as positive, which means that my love for myself has grown. To understand my driving force and life purpose also brings the freedom to live a conscious life, with clear objectives and the knowledge that I’m on the right path. I’m very grateful for what the coaching has done for me.""

Linnea Eriksson

Group Coaching Process Online

Safe Space

-A 5 week group coaching programme online for mums who are looking for the next step.

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1-1 Coaching Process Online

The Acceptance Process! 

The Acceptance Process is a 90 day change generation coaching programme that follows you where you need to go and where you are in the moment. It is a strong process that will connect you with your essence, heart and soul, driving forces, life intentions and life projects.

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